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Cara Mia Creatives



01. What it is —

Cara Mia Creatives is a portfolio-building content series created with both wedding and editorial photographers in mind. You can attend up to 12 shoots in two days, each designed to exercise your creativity.

02. How it works —

I've hired three of my favorite artists and stylists to help style and direct three shoots each, spread out over two days—for a total of 12 shoots.

We will have four blocks of shoot times at three different locations across the two days (4 shoots each at both sunsets and one block of four shoots at sunrise). If you sign up for all three locations, that will add up to 12 shoots.

There are 3 locations total, and each location we shoot at will have 4 different stations, each run by a different stylist. All photographers attending will be split into 4 smaller groups and will cycle through all four stations for every block of shoot time. You won't have to pick and choose which designer or stylist you get to work with, everyone will have time to work with all four.

All four stylists/creative directors will also be managing their respective stations and ensuring that everyone in the group has equal shoot time.

03. What you'll shoot —

I'll be acting as creative director and conferring with all the stylists so we have a variety of content, ranging from couples shoots and styled elopements, to group shoots, individuals, art installations, runway shoots, and high-fashion editorials. There are no limits to what we might come up with—each series will feature unique shoots and be unlike the last. There will be at least one styled elopement at every location.



01. The Why behind it —

Maya Angelou said, “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” I love supporting other artists and giving them creative freedom to do what they love, and this content series is a chance to celebrate different perspectives and ways of creating.

Going through a large volume of work is one of the best ways to take risks, fail, figure out what works for you and what doesn’t, and spark new ways of thinking. I want those who attend to break out of their creative comfort zones and challenge the norm.



Meet the stylists + creative directors

October 11-12, 2022
021. Stay Co/
02. Lindsey Dunlap/
03. Melissa Kamba/
04. Cara Mia/



01. The dates & locations

Lone Rock Beach, Lake Powell
Coral Pink Sand Dunes, Utah
Sand Hollow State Park, Utah

02. The cost —

Without a payment plan:
01.) $3600 for all 3 locations & all 12 shoots without a payment plan.
02.) $2600 for 2 locations & 8 shoots without a payment plan.
03.) $1600 for 1 location & 4 shoots without a payment plan.

With a custom payment plan (minimum $500 deposit required):
04.) $3900 for all 3 locations & all 12 shoots with a payment plan.
05.) $2900 for 2 locations & 8 shoots without a payment plan.
06.) $1900 for 1 location & 4 shoots without a payment plan.



01. Is this a workshop?

This content series is not a workshop and is not intended to run like one. There are pros and cons to both content days and workshops, so it’s key to know what you’re investing in. While I think it’s more than possible (and encouraged!) to make connections and network and find new friends within your shoot group, that will be more up to you and what effort you put in rather than something I’m promising while hosting this. How you shoot and make use of your time when it’s your time to shoot is entirely up to you.

02. How can I make the most of attending a content series?

I think it all comes down to your attitude and expectations. When you shoot on your own, you have 2-3 hours to run a shoot without competing with anyone else for shoot time. This is a group event, so that won’t be the case here. I recommend going into it knowing that and preparing to maximize your time both when you’re leading and when you’re not. You don’t need 2,000 good shots at every station, be intentional, try some new things. There are so many shoots total that a little goes a long way.

I recommend brainstorming a few things you want to try before showing up so you have some ideas, and really collaborating with your shoot group to try out some new perspectives and ways of doing things. You can also rent some lenses or a new camera body you’ve never used before, try out an old film camera, bring some prisms or cellophane or panty hose, and write down a list of challenges for yourself ahead of time. No one hired you to take these photos, so you can get as creative as you want with them. Take some risks and see what you learn!

03. Will there be styled elopements/couples shoots?

We will have at least one styled elopement at every location—since I'm aware most people attending focus on couples and weddings—but everything will have a twist. The other shoots will be a mix of everything. Couples shoots, more conceptual/actual large art installations. Some will feature a group of 3-6 models. Some will be individuals and high-fashion editorials. Each and every shoot the stylists put on will be a reflection of them, approved by me, and unique.

04. Will transportation be provided?

Because this is not a workshop, everyone will provide their own food, travel, and transportation. We will not provide anything apart from the shoots on site.

05. I’m a wedding photographer, will this content series benefit me?

Even if you're not an editorial photographer, I think learning to shoot things that are outside of your comfort zone or brand is nothing but beneficial. You never really know what you love or what inspires you until you've tried it—and you might just surprise yourself by shooting something new. It can also help you think beyond the typical with posing and shooting in general, which can help spice up your approach with your paying couples and clients. Think of this as an exercise in your creative process—what can you try and learn that will apply to your typical way of doing things?

06. Do you offer payment plans?

I do! Chat with me when you sign up about what plans we can offer based on how much time there is until the event.

07. How large are shoot groups?

This depends on how many people signed up, you can expect anywhere from 5-15 people per group. Even when it’s not your turn to shoot, pop on a zoom lens and get creative from afar. I’ve taken some of my favorite shots that way. The more people we have, the more shoot time we will have.

08. How much time do we have to shoot at each station?

This will vary depending on how many people are in each group (the more people, the more shoot time) and the weather. You won’t shoot longer than an hour and 15 min at any given station since you’ll be rotating through a total of four stations per location. Most stations are around 45 minutes (if you’re shooting all 12 shoots, anything longer than that proves to be exhausting). We will have someone keeping track of time at each station so that no matter how long you’re there, everyone at that station shoots the same amount to keep it fair.

09. Will I shoot on my own?

Because this is a group event, you will likely partner up or break out into a group of 3-5 photographers during shoot time, with occasional time to shoot 1:1. You will always have a say in how you want to divide up time to lead. If you have preferences, please make sure you communicate those to your group so you can divide up time accordingly.

10. What if there is inclimate weather?

In a perfect world I could control the weather, but to be totally transparent: bad weather is a risk for anyone attending a large group event. Come prepared with waterproof coverings for your gear, hand warmers, water, layered clothing, and anything you might need to combat excessive heat, cold, rain, wind, and snow. As long as it’s safe to do so, we’ll do our best under less than ideal circumstances to give our models breaks and divide up shoot time so everyone has a chance to rotate through at least every station for some measure of time (and keep in mind if the weather is horrible, it likely won’t be for as long as it would if it was clear, and we’ll have to roll with the punches and make the most of it). If it becomes absolutely impossible to shoot, it’s too dangerous, and there isn’t time for everyone to make it to every station, we’ll weigh options and go from there.