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Frequently asked Questions

What to expect
The process
How it works

Where are you based/do you travel?

I’m based in Utah just outside of Salt Lake City. Utah is so beautiful and has an amazing variety of landscapes: red rock, sand dunes, salt flats, lakes, mountains, pink water, amazing rock formations, golden fields, rolling hills, slot canyons, cliffs, rainbow hills, sandstone, epic overlooks and views, endless open desert and space.

That said, I LOVE to travel! I’ve been to nearly 30 countries and lived all over the U.S.—exploring new places is one of my greatest inspirations. If you’re unsure about where to go, I'm happy to weigh in with ideas and recommendations.


How do travel fees work?

Since every location is unique, I don’t have a set travel fee included in my packages—I add on roundtrip flights out of SLC, accommodation, and rental car/transportation fees. I can either look up averages and add these on when we first book and run them by you (so even if prices go up, I would cover the difference!). Or if we want to wait and see if flights drop, we can do that. It’s totally up to you! I do book all my own flights.

If we’re shooting within two hours of where I live in Utah, there are no travel fees. If you want to avoid paying for flights, you can also meet me somewhere I’m already going (check out my schedule here).


Do you shoot film & digital?

I shoot both film and digital (but film is my favorite—I include a few rolls of film in every package you book with me). I also offer film add-ons for my fellow film lovers; you can add on as many rolls of 35mm film and polaroids as you want, and I only charge for the cost of the film itself and developing/scanning.

You can see some examples of my film work here.


What's so special about film?

There is something so timeless and nostalgic about film that can’t quite be replicated with digital gear. I would compare film to receiving a handwritten letter vs an email. There’s just something about a tangible letter that you want to treasure and keep.

I also love how unpredictable film is. Light leaks, grain, all those little imperfections just add to its charm. If it were up to me, I would shoot almost entirely in film, I love it that much! I recommend adding on at least one extra pack of 5 rolls at a minimum, but the more, the better! I promise you won't regret it.


What's it like shooting with you?

My #1 inspiration is the people I work with. I want a real connection with you—my favorite shoots are the ones where we’ve both taken the time to get to know each other beforehand. I want our shoot to feel like hanging out with an old friend. My goal is to help create a space where you feel completely free to be yourselves, have an unforgettable experience, and where we can work together to capture artful photos to help you remember how it all felt. 

I promise there’s no such thing as being too awkward! I offer direction and prompts to get you talking and just enjoying the moment. I’m also not afraid to get a little weird and experiment—I love to brainstorm ideas with you and embrace whatever comes our way.


What's your top advice for couples?

1. Plan shoots around activities/places/details that are personally meaningful to you. Your photos will feel so much more organic and less “posed” this way. There are no rules! Be true to you and do what you love.

2. Don't overpack your schedule. Consider adding on a day-after session so you can be fully present on your wedding day and shoot longer during the best light.

3. Factor in the best lighting/time of day for your ceremony (use the app Photopills to calculate the exact time the sun sets). Even light is ideal.

4. Simple, clean backgrounds photograph best. Too much going on/clutter can look busy in photos. When in doubt, less is more.


What's the benefit of a day-before or day-after session?

I highly recommend adding on a day-before or after session so we can get all those epic couples photos without you missing out on time with friends and family on your actual wedding day. It also gives us more time to go to a scenic location and shoot with the best lighting around sunset. Or if it's before, to give everyone a chance to feel more comfortable in front of the camera and capture a fun experience with family and friends (like this rehearsal dinner on a catamaran).

Creativity takes time. If you're stressed and rushed and we only have a few minutes for photos, it's never as ideal as slowing down and taking it all. I make the most of whatever time we have on your wedding day of course, but how much we have is up to you!


What's your "bucket list" deal?

Book me to shoot at any of these places to get extra shoot time and more photos: Amangiri, Namibia, Japan, New Zealand, Egypt, Norway, Patagonia, Tanzania, India, Kenya, Croatia, Thailand, France, Portugal, and the Faroe Islands.


What happens after we shoot? (turnaround time/sneak peeks)

After we shoot, I backup all your photos in multiple locations. Then within a week of shooting, I send over a sneak peeks gallery. In the upcoming weeks I then go through all RAW images, select the best ones, and edit them. I don't have a limit to how many photos I edit, I include whatever I need to tell your story and best represent the day. After I’m done editing I’ll send you a link to the full gallery of high-resolution photos which you can download and share with anyone.

Turnaround time for your final gallery is 6-12 weeks depending on my travel schedule. I don’t charge extra for printing rights or for more edited photos, everything is included in your package.


Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely! I require a 50% retainer to reserve your date, and then the other 50% is due 3 months before for weddings, and 2 months before for shoots. I’m open to splitting the second payment into two if needed, just let me know!


Do you shoot editorial work for brands?

Yes! I love getting creative and working with brands on look books, e-commerce, social media content, etc. If you have a creative project in mind, I’d love to chat about it and create a custom quote just for you.

You can reach out to me about all brand inquiries here.


What if we need to cancel/reschedule?

If we’ve already booked a date and you need to cancel or reschedule, your retainer is non-refundable and you will need to make a new one to reserve a new date.


Can you help us with planning?

Absolutely. I have so much random knowledge about the wedding industry in general that I’d love to share. If you’re looking for ideas on scheduling, where to go, tips and creative ideas, outfits/styling advice, let me know! I’d love to help however I can.

After we're officially booked, let me know if you're looking for stylists, hair and makeup artists, florists, planners, graphic designers, caterers, videographers, furniture/decor/twinkle light rentals, etc. and I'll send you over my personal list of recommendations.


Will you send us the raw images?

I don’t give out the RAW images because so much of the magic happens during editing! That said, I try my best to include all the most important moments (big and small) from the day, and if I missed anything, don’t hesitate to reach out.


Will you photoshop us/change how we look?

I don’t use photoshop to alter your physical appearance. I have more of a documentary/photojournalistic approach to photography, and I aim to capture your story how it actually happened, and celebrate you for being just how you are. That to me is the most beautiful.

I can definitely touch up any temporary acne/blemishes you’re self-conscious about, just let me know ahead of time so I can be aware of it while shooting and editing.


Do you photograph families/large weddings?

At this present time, I don't photograph families, seniors, newborns, or large weddings. I do shoot elopements and more intimate weddings (usually 40 guests or less), couples shoots, vow renewals, honeymoon adventures, solo portraits, editorial shoots for brands, and creative shoots for anything you dream up.


What if the weather is horrible?

As long as it’s not unsafe, I love to embrace “bad” weather and just make the most of it. A little bit of clouds, wind, rain, and snow can add an element of unpredictability which honestly contributes to some truly beautiful, moody, unique photos. 

That said, if it is unsafe to shoot or my gear would become seriously damaged, we can weigh our options and look into rescheduling.


What should we wear?

The most important thing is that you feel like yourselves and dress for the occasion (for example, I don't recommend wearing shorts in the snow or high heels on a hike).

That said, I highly recommend using color theory to make sure what you wear doesn’t clash with the landscape where we shoot, and I’d love to help weigh in on this. Even how dark/light your clothes are can make a difference—for example, if we're shooting somewhere with dark rocks or moody jungle greenery, you'll want to make sure you're wearing lighter tones so that you stand out. I recommend sending photos of your outfits to me ahead of time and I'll let you know if I think anything could photograph better for any reason.


What are some of your favorite dress designers?

These are just my personal preferences, so you can take them or leave them! But I love The Lane for most bridal/wedding inspo, I love how timeless, clean, and editorial it is. Some of my favorite dress designers include Danielle Frankel, Newhite Bridal, Odylyne The Ceremony, L’eto, Alon Livne White, Galia Lahav, AlёnaLeenaBridal, Christie Nicole Bridal, Murashka, Leanne Marshall, Sarah Seven, Rue de Seine, Ella Moda, etc. I have some favorite gowns saved that I am dyinggg to shoot! If you're one of my brides, reach out and I'll share the links to my top favorites.


What education do you offer photographers?

I have multiple education options available. I currently host an annual EARTH workshop (best if you're wanting a combination of education and shoots with a small group), a creative content series (best if you're looking to get re-inspired, build your portfolio, network, and shoot 9+ shoots in two days—both editorial and wedding related), online courses (12+ different topics to choose from to attend classes online), and then multiple different kinds of mentor sessions: 1:1, virtual, casual, elopement, editorial, and group adventure sessions. You can read more about all the different options here.

If you’re unsure which is right for you or have questions, reach out and I’ll weigh in on what I think would benefit you the most.


Do you shoot Super 8 video?

Yes! I love shooting Super 8 videos (vintage film for that "home video nostalgic" feel). It's the video equivalent of shooting film vs digital. I can't shoot both photography and Super 8 at the same time, so if you're wanting both, I have several super talented second shooters who I hire to shoot with me, and then I edit everything myself. Check out a few examples of Super 8 videos here.


Can you help us create an heirloom album?

I would love to! Albums bring your photos to life in a way that a phone or computer screen can't. I'll walk you through all the steps to create a fully customized album that you can treasure for generations. Each album is printed on archival ink and museum-quality paper and is built to last.

You can read more about albums and what makes them special here.


Do you offer gift cards/vouchers?

Yes! I just started offering gift cards/vouchers so you can set any amount and gift that to a friend or loved one. You could any amount of money towards a photo session, an album, a mentor session, a workshop, an online course, a creative content series, presets, a guide, the print shop—whatever they want to use it for. They just need to use it within a year of the purchase date.

You can check out the gift card vouchers here.


What is Astrophotography?

Astrophotography is taking photos of the night sky. I love to do astro shoots with couples, so you can get a silhouette shot of you and your love under the Milky Way. The best time to shoot the stars is during a new moon (when there's no moon in the sky), and far away from city lights and any kind of light pollution. I love shooting under a full moon, but the moonlight washes out the stars.

Because there's only one new moon a month, I can only take on a limited number of astro shoots a year. We add on an hour of shoot time and wait for it to get dark enough. You can learn more about astrophotography or check out the lunar calendar for the year here.


What filter/presets do you use to edit your photos?

I use my own presets to edit all my photos. You can check out my "How I Edit" page to get an idea of how I embrace every kind of tone and color, as well as my presets page to check out some before and afters with and without presets.


Do you recommend a second shooter?

If you're hiring me for both photography and Super 8, you'll definitely need a second shooter. If you're eloping and only want photography OR Super 8 (not both), you won't need a second shooter. If you have a wedding with 20 guests or more, I definitely recommend a second shooter for moments like the ceremony when having an extra perspective would add more to the photos, or if you have a tight schedule (since I can't be two places at once, a second shooter could shoot details while we shoot portraits).

Multiple shooters provide an extra creative perspective and help ensure that no moment is missed. Overall, I highly recommend it.


What's your approach to shooting weddings?

On the one hand, I have a more documentary-style, fly-on-the-wall approach to just capture your day how it happened. I also love to really immerse myself into your group and make everyone feel comfortable. By the end of the day I'll know the names of your parents, grandparents, and bridal party. I care about candids with loved ones just as much as the epic couples portraits.

I also love to take chances and experiment with composition and various camera techniques to really capture your life as art. I'm not looking for the same traditional shots at every single wedding—because no wedding is the same. I really want your photos to feel different and unique to you. All I ask is you trust me to do my thing and together we'll create magic.


How can we book you?

If you’re ready to book, just fill out the contact form and we will get everything set up! I want to know all about you and what you’re planning, and then I’ll get back to you within 24-48 hours via email and we’ll move forward from there. I require a 50% retainer to officially reserve your date, and then we’re good to go!

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